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Working with news articles

Find an article in an online English newspaper that you find interesting.

Read through it and make sure that you really understand the content. Look up every word that you do not understand.

Then write a summary in English where you report what the article is about. The summary should be approximately half of the original text.

Write a list of the words you needed to look up.

Don’t forget to include the link so I can find your article.

Hand in your summary to me either hand written or e-mail me at

Examples of online papers: British newspaper Australian newspaper New York Times, American newspaper Irish newspaper Swedis news in English


Speak about famous people: 

Prepare to present a famous person (actor, athlete, politician, historic figure etc) in front of a small group. Include facts about the person and your opinion about him/her.


The Disastrous Holiday

You have just come back from a holiday abroad. You had saved up a lot of money for your two weeks away and planned everything long in advance. It was, however, a complete disaster where nothing turned out to be right. The accommodation was sub-standard, the pictures and text in the brochure were misleading and the resort personnel were unpleasant.

Now you are home and you want compensation from the tour operator that you booked your holiday with. You also want to warn your friends about this company.

1. Write a letter of complaint to the Managing Director of the tour agent, Heatwave

Holidays, describing in detail what was wrong with your holiday (use your

imagination….). You can refer to the attached page out of a holiday brochure or make

up your own holiday destination and hotel. Your aim is to get a refund for the cost of

the holiday. See your text book for instructions on how to write a formal letter. Use the

following address:

The Managing Director

Heatwave Holidays

8-9 Market Place

Cambridge CB2 1AZ

Remember, this is a formal letter, so you should adjust your language accordingly.


2. Write an e-mail that you intend to send to all your friends describing your terrible

holiday and telling them what you think of Heatwave Holidays.


CV instructions – go to Mia for instructions 



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