Instruktioner restuppgifter


Of Mice and Men

English 7


Arbetet med bokläsningen och tillhörande uppgifter behandlar följande punkter i kursens centrala innehåll:


  • Samhällsfrågor, kulturella, historiska, politiska och sociala förhållanden samt etiska och existentiella frågor i olika sammanhang och delar av världen där engelska används.
  • Reception av berättande text.
    • Samtida och äldre skönlitteratur och annan fiktion inom olika genrer.
    • Muntlig och skriftlig produktion och interaktion i olika situationer och med olika syften, där eleverna argumenterar ur olika perspektiv, resonerar, värderar, utreder, förhandlar och motiverar sina åsikter.

Questions to think about and prepare for the book discussion week 40:


  1. Describe the two characters George and Lennie! How do they look? How do they talk? What is their relationship like? How do George and Lennie live their lives? What are their dreams and hopes?
  2. What characters do we meet at the farm? What are they like? How do they greet Lennie and George?
  3. What do you think of Curley?
  4. What are your thoughts about Curley’s wife?
  5. What happened in Weed?
  6. What does Carlson want to do with Candy’s dog? Why?
  7. How does Candy react when he hears about George’s and Lennie’s plan?
  8. What happens between Lennie and Curley?
  9. Who is Crooks?
  10. Describe what happens in the barn that last Sunday afternoon!

11.How does Lennie react to what happens?

  1. Describe the end of the book. What happens by the deep green pool of the Salinas river?
  2. How did George act in the last part of the book? Why, do you think? What are your feelings about George’s actions?
  3. What is the theme of the book? Motivate! (A book can contain more than one theme)

15.What does the author want to say with his novel?

  1. Steinbeck includes the issue of racism in his book. How is it portrayed?
  2. What is the author’s writing style like? Use examples from the book and comment on the language!
  3. How did Steinbeck compose his novella? How is it organized? (For example: think about where the story starts and ends, the setting etc.)
  4. What is the turning point of the book?
  5. Do any of the characters develop in any way during the book? How?
  6. Who are the most important characters?
  7. Who is your favorite character? Which character do you like the least? Motivate!
  8. Were you able to foretell how the book was going to end? If yes, when?
  9. What did you think about the book?

Essay writing

Choose one of the topics below and write an essay. Your essay should consist of app. 3-5 pages computer written text and should of course contain a clear outline with an introduction, body and conclusion. I will go through the basics of essay writing during the next lesson. When writing, make sure that you refer to the book when stating an opinion or discussing your selected topic. Be detailed and state page numbers when you quote from the book. Use a formal language. Assume that the reader of your essay has not read the book but is quite familiar with the plot, therefore include a short summary of the book in your introduction.

Suggested Essay Topics

1. Discuss the book’s view of relationships between men.

2. Analyze Steinbeck’s portrayal of Curley’s wife as the lone female on the all-male ranch.

3. Paying attention to the long descriptive passages at the beginning of each section, discuss the ways in which the novella is similar to a theatrical play. Do these similarities strengthen or weaken the work? How?

4. Discuss George’s actions at the end of the story. How can we justify what he does to Lennie? How can we condemn it?

5. Discuss Steinbeck’s descriptions of the natural world. What role does nature play in the novella’s symbolism?

6. Analyze the characters of Slim, Crooks, and Curley. What role does each character play?


Present a historic or contemporary person

English 7


Your task is to pick a historic or contemporary person and present him or her both in writing and in an oral presentation. It can be a politician, scientist, author, actor, musician, innovator etc. Choose your own angle to your presentation, i.e. how the person’s upbringing has affected his/her line of work or how he or she has affected people’s way of thinking.


Example of webpages to browse:



Find information about your person and put that material together into a memo (PM) – a short academic text. Your memo should be approximately 2-3 pages long, so only include the most important things.

Use the following structure for your memo:


Title: A suitable title which includes your person’s name (e.g. Barack Obama – the first African-American president)


Introduction: Why you have chosen your person, what s/he has achieved in her/his lifetime, why s/he is famous/appreciated, general thoughts and opinion about this person. Also present the angle of your essay, what aspect of the person you have chosen to focus on.


Sources: State where you have found information about your person of choice, why you concider it trustworthy. Is the information up-to-date? Is there an organisation behind the webpage?


Main part (which you give your own headline/headlines): Here you investigare your angle and include the facts that you find interesting and relevant. You must include clear references to your sources (web pages, articles, books) throughout your text. See below!


Conclusion: This is where you end your essay, by summing up, drawing conclusion, referring to the introduction etc.


List of references: State the sources you have cited. Add the full links to the webpages you have used. State the author and title of books you have referred to, and also include year of publication. Include the writer’s full name, title of the article and the magazine and the issue number/year and date of publication, when referring to articles in magazines.


References: You need to give credit to the person who wrote the material that you have used. When you cite your sources you need to include the writer’s name and the year of publication in brackets. E.g. ”To be or not to be” (Shakespeare, 1603). If you don’t know the writer of your source (on a webpage for example), then you can refer to the name of the webpage: e.g. ”According to Shakespeare was married.”


Examples of expressions to use when referring to sources: According to… In his/her opinion… XX’s second opinion is that… XX suggests that… XX claims that… XX said/says… XX describes XX as… XX writes that…


Use the booklets about essay writing, linking words and formal writing that I have handed out!




When you are finished with your memo your next task is to use the information that you have found and put together a script for your oral presentation of the person you have chosen. Your presentation should be 5-10 minutes long and include a PowerPoint or a slideshow of some sort (with pictures, key facts or a film clip).


Organize your presentation in the same way as you did your memo: with an introduction, main part and a conclusion. 

I kursens centrala innehåll står följande:


Strategier för att överblicka och strukturera information i större textmängder eller längre sekvenser av talat språk.

Hur muntliga och skriftliga framställningar i olika genrer är uppbyggda. Hur

stilistiska och retoriska grepp används för olika syften samt hur språk används

som maktmedel.

Muntlig och skriftlig produktion och interaktion i olika situationer och med olika syften, där eleverna argumenterar ur olika perspektiv, ansöker, resonerar, värderar, utreder, förhandlar och motiverar sina åsikter.

Muntlig och skriftlig framställning inom valt fördjupningsområde.

Strategier för användning av olika typer av källor, med källkritisk medvetenhet

och vedertagna sätt att ange källor, inom valt fördjupningsområde och inom andra områden.

Strategier och modern teknik för att medverka i, leda och dokumentera samtal

och skriftlig kommunikation i olika medier, till exempel i arbetsprocesser och

förhandlingssituationer med anknytning till samhälls- och arbetslivet.

Användning av grundläggande stilistiska och retoriska grepp. Bearbetning av språk och struktur i egna och andras framställningar, i formella och komplexa sammanhang, och för att skapa anpassning till genre, stilnivå och syfte.




Utdrag ur det centrala innehålet:

Talat språk, även med social och dialektal färgning, och texter, även

komplexa och formella, som är berättande, diskuterande, argumenterande, rapporterande, redogörande och utredande, även via film och andra medier.


Muntlig (och skriftlig ) produktion och interaktion i olika situationer och med

olika syften, där eleverna argumenterar ur olika perspektiv, ansöker, resonerar,

värderar, utreder, förhandlar och motiverar sina åsikter.


The task is to watch a film of your own choice and prepare to present it and discuss it in a group.


Use the following questions when you prepare the film presentation and discussion:


What’s the title of the film and who is the director?

How can you explain the plot in a few sentences?

What genre is it?

What is the theme?

Is there a message in the film?

What is the main conflict of the film?

How is the film structured? How does start and end?

How can you describe the main characters?

What part of society is described? How is it portrayed? Is it a true picture of what the world looks like, would you say?

Describe the film visually! Are there long or short scenes? Are any special camera angles used?

How is music used in the film?

How are soundeffects used?

What is your opinion about the film? Motivate!


Writing assignment ENG 7

Your task is to write a reflective essay regarding the theme that we are working with at the moment – the history of the African Americans. In this essay you write about your thoughts and opinions about the material that we have worked with so far: documentary, facts and people, the book Mudbound, discussions, the film The Help, articles etc. I have added some questions below for you to use as a starting point.


  • What are your thoughts so far about the theme?
  • What are your thoughts and emotions about the history of the African Americans?
  • What have you learnt about their history so far? (Africa, slave trade, plantations, segregation, prejudice sv: fördomar etc)
  • Why do you think the African Americans were so badly treated?
  • What is the situation like now in America, do you think? What will the future look like?
  • What role can president Barack Obama play? How does he comment on the American society in Epstein’s article?
  • How come people can treat other people in a really bad way?
  • How were the African American people treated in the film The Help? How were the white population portrayed?
  • How is the issue of race portrayed in Mudbound?
  • What can you learn from working with this theme?


Write your essay and hand in to me in the end of the lesson. Write app. 400-800 words and try to answer as many questions as possible. You should state your thoughts but also refer to the material that we have studied (Mudbound, The Help, the documentary, the article by Jennifer Epstein).


Make sure to structure your essay in a clear way and divide it into paragraphs. Remember the essay burger (intro, body, conclusion) and use a formal language (no contractions, colloquialisms, slang words, abbreviations etc).


Start by writing down some notes, key words or make a mind-map before you start writing.